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Bayram Ali Geçgel

Bayram Ali Geçgel

Bayram Ali Geçgel was born in 1976 in the town of İncesu, Aksaray province. He had his primary education in İncesu. Bayram Ali Geçgel, who graduated from Tourism Vocational High School in Finland for 3 years, then returned to Alanya in Turkey. Bayram Ali Geçgel, who started the restaurant business in Alanya, later completed his military service and returned to Alanya again. He resided in Finland in the winter and in Alanya in the summer. He still continues to operate a restaurant and hotel. He started real estate business based on the intense interest of European customers.

It carries out hotel & restaurant and real estate business in Alanya. He works in MHP district administration Kestel Spor Altav and ATSO. Originally from Aksaray, Bayram Ali Geçgel's mother and father still reside in Aksaray/İncesu. Aksaray has a special importance for Bayram Ali Geçgel, who spent his childhood in Aksaray. Bayram Ali Geçgel, who is living in Alanya due to job opportunities, wants to settle in his hometown Aksaray/İncesu after his retirement. 

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Bayram Ali Geçgel

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Bayram Ali Geçgel  Interview

Bayram Ali Geçgel

What would you like to say about your hometown Aksaray?


Aksaray is our indispensable hometown where we were born and raised, our hearts and minds are always in Aksaray, we come and go whenever we find the opportunity, I hope we will continue to come. I follow, admire and appreciate the work of our city's Mayor, Evren Dinçer, and wish him success in his work.

If my fellow citizens from Aksaray go to Alanya, they have a place on our heads as much as we can. Congratulations to Ahmet Koçaş, who was elected President of Atso in the elections held last month, Vice President Ahmet Kulak and Speaker of the Assembly Fatih Tekin.I'm hoping.

As a successful businessman, you run a hotel and restaurant in Alanya, what is the secret of your success?


First of all, you have to love your job. very few people are successful in their business, and I believe that we are successful by embracing our work with all our hands.


"I have always taken firm steps and I will continue to do so.” I love researching.I became a farmer and I continue to work hard to improve myselfsteam. In this way, I successfully climbed the steps of the business world. I have done the best in service, I continue to do so, our new investments in the sector continue. I never thought, "Can I do it?" I always tried to do my best.

"You can't be successful without personnel alone, achieving success is a task that requires teamwork. Without personnel, there is no success alone without a team. Of course, we are all a link in the chain of success and I always make my staff feel that I am the link of this chain. In this way, we can overcome problems more easily together. It brings success with it.


Could you briefly talk about your Hotel and Restaurant?

Anna Queen Hotel & RestaurantIt is very close to Damlataş Cave in the center of Alanya. Anna Queen Hotel has 36 rooms, 85 beds and we serve our customers with 30 personnel.

Bella Alanya Heikin Baari & KaraokeProviding bar, karaoke and restaurant services in the busiest street of Saray Mahallesiin a hurry.

Mahsen Wine & Kitchen We are located in the center of Oba District and offer both wine and restaurant service with stylish decorations we have prepared for our customers.
Bella Beach & Alacarte Beach RestaurantAt the entrance of Avsallar, 0 km to the sea, it provides you both beach and restaurant service.

Your service in our hotel and restaurantsWe know that if we give the best and the quality, the satisfaction of our customers and guests will increase.

What are your goals for 2023 as Anna Queen Hotel?

In 2023, our primary goal as Anna Queen Hotel is to increase our occupancy. Guests who come to Alanya with a friendly face with 100 percent guest satisfaction and absolutely without sacrificing qualityWe will continue to do our best to make our guests feel at home in the best way possible.

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Anna Queen Hotel & Restaurant


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Bella Beach


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